Branford Folk Music Society Membership

I would like to join the Branford Folk Music Society.

Membership renewals are due on the anniversary of your last membership payment.

     ____ Individual membership for $10.00

     ____ Family membership for $15.00 (2 or more people at the same address)

     ____ New membership     ____ Renewal



City:__________________________________ State: ________ Zip:_________________

Phone:______________________ Email: _________________________________________

____ Check here if you would prefer to receive the newsletter by email. (It
will be sent as a PDF file attachment.) Be sure to include your email address.

New volunteers are always welcome! Please let us know if you can help out with:

        ____ refreshments    ____ performer hospitality

        ____ publicity       ____ setup    ____ other:_______________________

Please print this form, fill it in and mail with your check to:

Branford Folk Music Society
P.O. Box 441
Branford CT 06405

For more information, call 203-488-7715, or email

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